Planter Bag for Citrus Growing

Planter Bag

For growing Citrus

As you know Citrus is one of the most consuming fruits in the world. Citrus tree propagation in a cocopeat hydroponic growing system emerged from the idea to get a plant that does not suffer stress in the transplant from the nursery to the field.

Today this practice is being implemented by more citrus nurseries in The USA , Canada and in some other countries. The catalyst for the use of coir is the citrus greening disease that is threatening the citrus production. We would like to announce you that new technologies have been brought up to increase the level of sophistication and improve the fruit productions in terms of quality, quantity and consistency of the supply. So as all other Citrus growers over the globe are also looking at an advance growing techniques and growing medium options like soilless container growing in order to increase their productivity of their citrus fruit Harvest….

EFW Planter bag

For the Citrus cultivation

EFW Planter Bag for the Citrus cultivation. Our custom blueberry mix has:

  • Excellent root health
  • No stress when transferred to the field and no post – planting stress.
  • Less plantation losses due to lower pressure coming from transport, handling, planting and plant acclimatization.
  • High uniformity in the nursery and in the field.
  • A robust root ball (filled absorbent hairs that enshrine the coir) that can be planted at any time of year.
  • Ideal for replanting and dubbing, done at any time of the year.
  • Drastically reduced the crop cycle in the nursery. There are cases of getting the citrus seedling in less than 6 months.
  • Exportable product. Coir that makes up the root ball plant passes phytosanitary requirements of customs.