Coco Grow Bag

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Grow bags are an ideal growing medium for plants that do not have deep roots such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, strawberry, and pepper. Grow bags are popular among greenhouse professionals as a prominent product which comes on a compressed slab in a polybag. They are used in the floriculture industry for Roses, Gerber, and many more seasonal and non-seasonal flowers.

There are different types of grow bags based on the material used in the compressed slab:

  1. 100% Coco peat materials
  2. 100% Coco Chips materials
  3. Different percentage of Coco peat and Coco chips and Coco fiber materials

Advantages of Grow Bags

Grow bags are the ideal media for root development as they allow for a high air capacity. Plants tend to grow stronger by combining all the recommended nutrients and fertilizers equally. Since it is very user-friendly and convenient to use in greenhouses as well as outdoor gardens, grow bags are the most popular hydroponic product among both beginners and professional gardeners.

Why Eco Fresh World

  • Maintains strict quality standards to serve you with the best quality product
  • Beyond the standard sizes, we could also customize the product
  • Unmatchable pricing for your grow bags using any of our materials mixtures and sizes available
  • Manufactured understate of art manufacturing plants using 100% Renewable, Organic Coir Pith and
    Coconut Chips
  • Packed in a thick co-extruded gazette of UV-stabilized plastic bags with waterproofed sealing