Planter Bags

Coco Peat Products


Eco Fresh World’s planter bags are ideal for growers who lack space for gardening. Planter bags are ready-to-use, flexible packs that replace pots. Simply add water and wait for 20 minutes for the mixture to absorb water and expand to the right level. Then the plant can be added.

Specifications of Planter Bags

Planter bags are eco-friendly with 100% coco peat or a mixture of peat and chips to provide an excellent growing medium for plants. At the end of the growing season, the bag can be easily rinsed and stored.

Advantages of Planter Bags

  • Very durable, flexible and re-usable
  • Comes in various sizes and shapes and can be customized. For Instance, some plants such as carrot and beetroot need a deep container while lettuce and spring onions require less depth
  • Saves effort and a considerable amount of money for compost
  • Can be easily moved and arranged in a real garden even in a limited space
  • They are very easy to set up with a three step process such as unfold, add water and grow
  • Warms quickly in the spring, releases excess heat in the summer
  • Provides excellent drainage without holding excess water
  • Air prunes the roots which causes a better root system