Coir Geotextile (Coco Net)

Coco Peat Products

Erosion Control Blankets/Coco Mat (COIR BLANKET, COIR MAT)

Geo-textiles are made of pure coir, drawn from the husk of the coconut, and without adding any synthetic material. It is used as a blanket to prevent soil erosion, and accelerates the growth of vegetation on banks and slopes.

Advantages of Coir Geotextile (Coco Net)

It is used for soil stabilization, reinforcement, and landscaping and erosion control. Since coir fiber is naturally resistant to rot, mould and moisture, no chemical treatment is required. Geo-textiles can dissipate the energy of flowing water, absorb excess solar radiation, and control erosion in stream banks, slopes, wetlands, hillside soils and golf courses.

Geotextiles have been voted as the Best Management Practice by many Environmental and Governmental Organizations to help reduce soil loss and establish new vegetation.

Why Eco Fresh World?

  • Reduces the need for maintenance of all plants as they promote the development of
    stronger roots.
  • Works well in areas of limited access as they are easy to install.
  • Our Geo-textile nets have a lifespan of about five years and enrich the soil when decomposing.
  • They are 100% biodegradable and can be tailor-made to suit the customer's specifications.
  • Choose from three grades, most common are 400g/sqm, 700g/sqm and 900g/sqm
    geo textiles.
  • Contacting our local agents can provide further guidance about customization.
  • Shieldplants from further damage, and promote future growth.