About Us

As we are solution-driven, we offer a full range of products and services to meet your needs. We supply customers in many countries worldwide from our production facilities. We are manufacture and exporter of high-quality substrate for commercial horticulture and animal bedding requirements to the world.  Our range of products include Coconut shell Activated Carbon, Air Purifiers, Odor Eliminator, Terrarium & vivarium products accessories and litter leaf too. 

With our strong workforce in this region, we are a major employer in the rural areas of Sri Lanka. And this is where our roots lie. Together with our employees, we coordinate and control the entire value chain from the raw materials to the finished products. This means we can ensure our substrate and other products, including all raw material and constituents, meet our high-quality standards. 

As the variety in application is large, we work closely with our customer to understand the challenge and come up with innovative solutions.

We invite our customers to join us on our Sustainability Journey. We need to fully understand the current and future challenges faced by our customers in order to serve them today and in the future.

Our Values

We are committed to our company and our customers. Our actions are characterized by respect, integrity and appreciation for people and the environment. Our managers lead by example. We are solution-oriented and think outside the box. Together as a team, we achieve our goals. With great passion, we give our best every day to meet all requirements of our customers and partners.


Honesty, integrity, and professionalism will be exhibited by all members of the EcoFresh World's team every day. Attention to detail is always paramount. We will exceed the expectations of our clients every day. We will continue to be stewards of the environment through the utilization of eco-friendly green technology.


We will continually strive to provide products, technology, and support to ensure a healthy lifestyle and environment for our valued clients.

Our Solutions

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