Coconut Husk Chips

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Coconut Husk Chips

Coconut Husk chips are produced by slicing coconut husks into uniform sizes. These chips are some of the best soil conditioners in the world and can be used as an alternative to Fir Bark in the farming and agricultural industries. Coco Husk chips enhance the efficiency of fertilizers under any soil and weather conditions. They are free of weeds, and repel insects and harmful fungi. The chips are commonly used in the commercial cultivation of Gerberas, Orchids and Anthuriums.

4.5kg Husk Chips Blocks

Advantages of Coconut Husk Chips

The husk protects the inner germinating seed by preventing excess saturation and salt. It has both high water holding capacity and retention of plenty of air. Therefore, a lot of watering is unnecessary.

The husk chips are mainly used in Grow Bags, Mini Planter Bags, Disks and compressed blocks for potting mixing purposes in different percentages.

500g Husk Chips Bricks

Why Eco Fresh World

  • All our materials support excellent drainage, and high cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Cuts down fertilizer application
  • Prevents stress after repotting
  • Natural pH level with identical EC level
  • Resists fungal growth
  • A 100% natural and renewable resource