Garbage Odor Eliminator

Ceylon Coco Natural

100% Natural

Non Toxic

No Fragrance


Garbage Odor Eliminator

CEYLON COCO NATURAL presents ECOBIN, an all-natural solution to get rid of foul smells & bad odors coming from your Trash Cans, Garbage Bins or Diaper Pails whether placed in the kitchen, bathroom or even outside the house.

ECOBIN is a MAGIC POWDER that eliminates even the toughest odor instantly upon application. It keeps your house free from unwanted smells for up to 24 hours. ECOBIN is made from premium Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. It is 100% Natural, free from all harmful chemicals, unscented and biodegradable.

ECOBIN also helps in keeping flies, ants, insects and rats away from your trash cans because food odors lure them towards the dumpsters. For best results, sprinkle small amount of powder on the base of trash can, dumpster or diaper pail before throwing garbage in it. Once the garbage is inside the bin, sprinkle another layer of powder on top of garbage and cover it entirely.

Odor & Pest Free Kitchen Environment

ECOBIN is ideal for odor and pest free kitchen environment.

  • Active for 24 hours
  • No odor and no pests
  • Purely organic
  • Totally Natural
  • Safe and biodegradable

Creates a healthy and ecofriendly environment!


Each Ecobin bottle contains 60g of activated carbon powder. This quantity of powder could last 1-3 months for most household applications. Activated carbon made from Coconut shell is more powerful than baking soda.