Bristle Fiber

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Bristle Fiber

Bristle Fiber is composed of the stiff and long strands of coir fiber. Producing bristle fiber involves keeping the immature husks in a water-filled pit for 2 to 6 months where microorganisms breakdown the plant tissues in a process known as retting.The long fibers are separated by a milling process and subsequently dried and cleaned.

Brown fibers are extracted from seasoned coconuts which have lost their green color and depending on the combing, we have categorized the fiber as 1 Tie, 2 Tie and 3 Tie fiber. The brown fiber could also be chemically converted into white or black fiber. They can also be cut into different sizes such as 12cm, 15cm, 17cm, and 18cm. The finished fibers are packed in sacks having an average weight of 12kg for easy handling.

Main uses of bristle fiber:

Bristle Fiber has substantial moisture retention properties with good aeration.

  • For the production of Coir Twine
  • For brushes, brooms, banisters and Tawashi Industries
  • For Potting Mixes/Growing Media
  • For the manufacture of special filters
  • For lining a vanda basket in preparation for filling it with orchid mix that would otherwise fall through the slats