Machine Twisted Fiber (FMT)

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Machine Twisted Fiber (FMT)

Twisted Coir comprises 100% Mattress Fiber or Mixed Fiber and several mixes of Bristle Fiber. The twisting is done mechanically and called Fuehrer Machine Twisted (FMT) fiber.

We have a range of Twisted Coir, which is made utilizing matured brown coir fiber that is sourced from the fibrous cover of coconut. Machine Twisted Fiber is available in different mixtures of Mattress fibre, Mixed fibre, Omat fibre and Bristle fibre based on the final application or as requested by the buyer.

Applications of Machine Twisted coir fiber

  • Mattresses: helps to produce rubberized coir sheets used in manufacturing mattresses, which have anti-moist, good ventilation, and low liquid absorbency properties. The natural coconut fiber has the precise softness that has proven to be the best way to prevent spinal illnesses.
  • Automobile Upholstery: commonly used in making rubberized seats where the curl shape of the fiber rope adds a spring effect to the fibers.