Grow Bag for growing Strawberry

EFW Grow Bag

For growing Strawberry

Strawberries are consumed as food items, sweets, healthcare products, fragrances and beauty-culture products. Strawberry can grow on our specially designed EFW coco grow bags which help to grow successfully inside green houses.

Since Strawberry plant roots are extremely sensitive to the saltiness of the growing media, we always recommend EFW grow Bag as it consists of low electrical conductivity ideal mixture for strawberry growing. It is ideal to grow 2 rows of strawberry plants in our Grow Bag.

EFW Planter bag

For growing Strawberry

They are made from 100% natural coco chips and coco peat and packed in UV treated printed milky bags. They are an excellent eco-friendly growing medium for strawberry growing in limited space. Also Easy handling and nice replacement for pots.

After add the water to the coir and get it hydrated inside, the bag will be ready for planting. The planter bag gives multiple crop cycles. The medium used for growing does not require replacement with new crops since it’s done with our coir substrates.

EFW Grow plank

For growing Strawberry

Green Space EFW coir grow plank can be used to grow strawberries in buckets or containers without using plastic wrapping grow bag . Hydroponic strawberry growers who use EFW coir grow plank to grow, their strawberries have observed and experienced their plants with evenly distributed roots, faster root growth and healthier plants.

This will result with higher number of blooms and higher yield and delicious supply of fresh strawberries year round. Selected raw materials are blended and compressed to make these naked slabs for the required size. After placing the planks and put water in the container or the bucket, young strawberry plants can be planted in equal spacing to the media.