Erosion Control Blankets/Coco Mat (COIR BLANKET, COIR MAT)

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Erosion Control Blankets/Coco Mat (COIR BLANKET, COIR MAT)

Erosion Control Blankets/Coco Mats are made using 100% coconut film. Biodegradable soil erosion control blankets are one of the most natural ways to stabilize and reinforce soil in your area. As the mat stabilizes the soil area, vegetation and other materials are able to take root.


  • They increase water infiltration into the soil.
  • When used with a seed mix, they protect the mix from being eroded during heavy rainfall or wind.
  • They increase the retention of soil moisture to promote seed germination.
  • They reduce soil erosion.

Why Eco Fresh World?

  • Coir Blankets can be supplied in roll form with a maximum width of 2.4m and length of up to 50m.
  • The thickness of the coir blanket can be changed according to the required and specific applications.
  • Ideal for extreme slopes, high discharge channels, and vegetation reinforcement.
  • Designed for various types of erosion control and irrigation conditions.
  • Equipped with clear and impermeable polypropylene wrapping, which does not undergo deterioration.