Natural Cat Litter Life Booster & Deodorizer

Ceylon Coco Natural

100% Natural

Non Toxic

No Fragrance


2-in-1 All Natural Cat Litter Life Booster & Deodorizer

Ceylon Coco Natural presents EcoCat – An All-Natural Cat Litter Deodorizer and Litter life booster. It increases the elimination of unpleasant odors by 10X and moisture absorption capacity by 2X of cat litters. All of these benefits are achieved with an all-natural mix of ingredients.

EcoCat is made from Non-Toxic, fragrance free and biodegradable natural ingredients. It is completely free from all kinds of chemicals. It contains premium activated coconut shell carbon crystals and strengthened with hydrophobic peat. The result is 50X more powerful mix than baking soda.

Use EcoCat with any kind of Cat Litter (clay, scoopable or natural). EcoCat is very easy to use. Simply add a layer of mix on top of any litter and then mix it thoroughly.


  • Boosts Odor Elimination by 10X and Moisture Absorption by 2X.
  • Made from 100% Natural Activated Coconut Shell Carbon Crystals and strengthened with Hydrophobic Peat. Non- Toxic, Fragrance Free, Biodegradable and chemical free.
  • Saves money by keeping cat litter fresh for a longer period. Suitable for Multi-Cat homes.
  • Easy to Use. Sprinkle & Mix.
  • 100% Safe for Pets, People and Plants.
  • Available in 250g Lid Bottle.

How EcoCat Works

Why choose coconut shell Carbon?

  • Coconut shell carbon is real activated carbon.
  • It has the highest absorption efficiency in comparison to other natural charcoal absorbents.
  • Most of the chemical labs worldwide choose coconut shell carbon to absorb the harmful air/odor.

We treat carbon at a very high temperature to open up the pores and improve its ability to remove gases and organic compounds.

The Raw Materials

The Raw Materials We Used in Our Ceylon Coco Natural Airpurifirs Are the Best and Highly Effective Activated Carbon Due to Its Natural Ingredient Include in Coconut Shell. What Do These Materials Have to Do with Filtration?

  • High carbon content and higher surface area allow for thorough adsorption of contaminants and impurities.
  • Durability Provides Everlasting Coverage.
  • Abundant Natural Carbon And Higher Micropores Helps To Absorb Even The Tiny Odor Particles In The Air, And Therefore, The More Holes, The Better The Result.

Due to Its High Degree of Microporosity